Anonymous: I just want you to reclaim your body and your mind from the demons :) I had a disorder by default at one point because my anxiety was so chronic that eating was a daily ordeal of trying to keep calm enough to eat and not panic that i would get anxious and be sick... i used to take all kinds of elaborate measures in order to psyche myself up that i'd manage to eat enough every day. It was fucking stressful.

I can absolutely relate to and understand that sheer distress and panic. Although It fills me with relief to see you use the word “had” - past tense. You’ve done amazingly and I’m so proud of you. Thank you for your support. xxxx

Anonymous: You deserve to be here, you deserve to be healthy and happy and strong. I hope that someday your mind will free you from your troubles and you will be able to enjoy everything fully and allow yourself to get well and stay well. You will recover. I hope it's soon x

I fundamentally disagree, but thank you so so much! Lots of loveeee! x

Anonymous: My prediction is that you will never receive an onslaught of hate, because there's no reason to hate you. You're a sweet girl dealing with a shitty situation. I can't speak for everyone but I personally just hope that one day you can overcome this

AHHHH anon, thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re far too kind but I love you for it. 


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Sutro Forest by (phudson1442)

Yayyy. My FAQ is all updated - as is my “more links” page. Thank you Anon. :)

Anonymous: Hello Lucy :) I know this probably won't help you, but I still want to say that I think you're incredibly beautiful and such a nice person, though I don't really talk to you. Oh by the way, you should change your age at your FAQ. But well, you have like more than 1000 times as much followers than me, so people do like who you are. I think a tumblr really defines a person, so there are 168 thousand people that think you're beautiful. Keep being your beautiful self xxx

Awwwww Anon. I love you so so much (I’m not beautiful at all though but thank you)! And thank you for the reminder to change my FAQ! There are a few things I’d like to change on there actually. P.S. It’s not about the quantity of followers - it’s the quality. So I hope that your 168 followers are as wonderful to you as you seem to be. All my love! <3 xxxx

Anonymous: What are you favourite bands?

I don’t really have any any more. The only music I can tolerate is Classical.


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A Single Thread Wrapped Around Thousands of Nails by Kumi Yamashita
Kumi Yamashita , whose mind-blowing shadow artworks have been featured before, uses a single, unbroken thread wrapped around thousands of nails to create stunning portraits of women and men.
In the ongoing series entitled Constellation (a nod to the Greek tradition of tracing mythical figures in the sky), the Japanese artist (living and working in New York) uses three simple materials to produce these otherworldly works of art.